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AZGP State Committee & working committees

Arizona Green Party (AZGP) state committee: The State Committee is the primary decision-making body for the state party between state meetings. Per our AZGP bylaws, the state committee is comprised of our officers, Green Party-US delegates/alternates, organized county party representatives, College Greens representatives, and any at-large members.

State Committee:
* Celeste Castorena
* Jesse Chanley
* Lindsey DePew
* Claudia Ellquist
* Haryaksha Knauer
* Linda Macias
* Nathan Ralph
* Philip Shea
* Mark Salazar
* Angel Torres

Working Committees: the purpose of AZGP "working committees" is to make the work of AZGP efficient and effective by dividing the work amongst a specialized group. Each working committee will appoint a chairperson to coordinate its activities. The current Working Committees are:
* Ballot Access
* Bylaws
* Communications/Membership Outreach
* Finance/Fundraising
* Green Growth/Strategic Planning
* Identity caucuses (elder, LGBT, military veterans, people of color, rural, womyn & youth)
* Media Outreach & Website/Social Media
* Political Campaigns
* Publications

Registered Arizona Green Party (AZGP) members are encouraged to join our Working Committees. If interested, please call (602) 417-0213 or e-mail

(latest revision: January 2014)