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Press Release: Arizona Green Party (AZGP) endorses seven candidates at state meeting

Arizona Green Party (AZGP) * P.O. Box 60173, Phoenix, AZ 85082 * (602) 417-0213 *

June 2, 2010


Media contacts:

Erik Andersen, AZGP media coordinator, (623) 399-5490,
Claudia Ellquist, AZGP co-chair, (520) 622-3339,
Angel Torres, AZGP co-chair, (623) 202-3747,
Celeste Castorena, AZGP at-large member, (602) 430-9714 (bilingual media contact)


Tucson, AZ—On Saturday, May 29th, 2010, the Arizona Green Party (AZGP) endorsed seven candidates for the 2010 elections. All of the candidates participated in a 90-minute interview process/training session, have been vetted, and received their endorsement at the recent AZGP state meeting. The candidates receiving the endorsement of AZGP include: Jerry Joslyn (U.S. Senate), Rebecca DeWitt (U.S. Congress—CD 4), Luisa Valdez (State House—LD 15), Angel Torres (State House—LD 16), Gregor Knauer (State House—LD 17), Linda Macias (State House—LD 21) and Kent Solberg (State House—LD 27). DeWitt and Solberg were candidates for the same offices in 2008, and had previously received the endorsement of AZGP.

Linda Macias, AZGP candidate (State House—LD 21), stated, “I am honored to be endorsed by the Arizona Green Party. This endorsement allows registered Green Party voters know that I uphold the Green Party Ten Key Values and support our national Green Party platform. They can feel confident that if elected I would support legislation that reflects the best of what the Green Party stands for.”

Luisa Valdez, candidate for State House (LD 15), said, “Being endorsed as a Green Party candidate has restored my hope for a better tomorrow, while motivating me to make a difference in my community today.”

Angel Torres, AZGP state co-chair and candidate for LD 16, stated, “It is absolutely critical that our candidates are interviewed, vetted and endorsed by AZGP. This lets our registered Arizona Greens know that these candidates have met our standards, and are not carpetbaggers or opportunists trying to hijack our ballot line.”

The mission of the Arizona Green Party (AZGP) is to build and sustain an alternative, progressive political party that promotes and practices the Ten Key Values. We do not accept corporate donations and uniquely rely on the generosity of individual donors and volunteers. The four pillars of the Green Party are Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom, and Non-violence.